Monday, April 5, 2010

Natural Facelift: Lift Sagging Jowls

Lift Your Sagging Jowls

One of the biggest indicators of one’s age is sagging jowls. Sagging facial skin is an unattractive and obvious sign that a person is getting older and often prompts some to get a facelift. When you look at a person that is 20 years old versus a person that is 60 years old, you will more than likely see that the 60 year old has excess skin in the jowl area. This is a major contributor in making that person look older. At what age your jowls begin to sag depends largely on genetics, your facial muscles and skin type. The good thing is sagging jowls can be corrected with just a few simple facial exercises, massages and adjustments in your sleeping position. There really is no need for a facelift. Here are some natural remedies to help lift those unsightly, unattractive sagging jowls.

The “Vowel” Face Exercise

The popular vowel exercise, although shunned upon by some and taken lightly by others, does work. Say the vowels sounds of a,e,i,o,u. The key to making this exercise effective is to overemphasize and exaggerate the movement of your mouth in order to work your facial muscles. After going through the vowels 4-5 times you will feel the tension and tightness in your cheeks and neck. This is an indication that the muscles are being strengthened.

Wrist Facial Massage

Another good remedy for sagging jowls is a facelift massage using the back of your wrist just below the palm of your hands. The Chinese believe that wrinkles and sagging skin are due to stagnant qui or chi. It is believed that massaging sagging jowls will release the chi or natural life force back into your skin and reverse sagging and wrinkles, thus producing a natural facelift. Before you start, get a good massage oil that is safe to use on your face without harming it or causing any break outs. The oil will make sure you are massaging your face and not just pulling your skin. You want to make sure you use the back of your wrist in a circular motion along the jaw line and in the cheek area. Do this for about 3-4 minutes.

Sleep on Your Back

Most people feel more comfortable sleeping on their sides often in the fetal position. Although this may be comfortable, in the long run you will notice that the side of your face that you sleep on the most probably has slightly more sagging and wrinkles. That is because over time, the smashing of your face even on a soft pillow, will start to leave lines and wrinkles and add to the appearance of your sagging jowls. Whenever possible, sleep on your back. This simple and natural facelift remedy will help to reduce the amount of sagging you see in your jowls.

By using these three techniques daily you should start to see results in the firming of your sagging jowls within a few days. More dramatic results will be seen after a month or so. There really is no need to get a facelift. You can find more info. about natural facelift techniques at


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